Saporta Cup

Saporta Cup (SC or, more generally, C2) is a European competition for men's clubs organized by FIBA on behalf of the Standing Conference of National Basketball Federations of Europe. SC is a sequel of Eurocup (former Cup Winners' Cup and European Cup), a tournament originally created for domestic Cup champions that's been going on ever since 1966. Its present denomination was first given in 1998 in honor to Raimundo Saporta, a leading personality in Spanish basketball and FIBA. Cup Winners' Cup was created as an original idea by the Polish paper Przeglad Sportowy of Warsaw. In the beginning, only the winners of the domestic Cup tournaments in Europe took part in C2, although in recent years others teams have been allowed to participate (especially runners-up in both Cup and League).

During the period when SC was still called Cup Winners' Cup (from its inception in 1966 through 1990-91 season), and even later as European Cup (seasons 1991-92 to 1995-96), each participating country was entitled to register a single team—the champion in the domestic Cup, or else runners-up in either Cup or League. On the other hand, the teams that were eliminated in the first rounds of the European League (C1) had the right to enter later in C2 during the same season. Since 1996-97, with the creation of Eurocup, each country can register two teams in this competition (with some limitations set by FIBA). The competition system was also altered to allow for more participanting clubs. The same basic format was used for Saporta Cup from 1998-99 on. Roughly, the present format of SC is as follows: a first stage with 24 teams, distributed in 4 groups of 6 each; the 4 best teams from each of these groups enter an 1/8 Final round; the survivors progressively advance to 1/4 Finals, 1/2 Finals, and Final (to be played at a single venue).


• Official FIBA scores and statistics, corrected and extended. Additional information sources: basketball magazine "Gigantes" (1985-), basketball magazine "Rebote" (1960-), newspaper "Marca" (1942-), newspaper "As" (1967-), newspaper "El Mundo Deportivo" (1941-). From 1985 on, when I started to collect my first statistics on paper, the information is also based on my own experiences and memories as a basketball fan.

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