Intertoto Cup
Intertoto Cup (IC), whose origins date back to the early 60s, is an alternative European competition played during the summertime. In the beginning it was just a way to make money through bets, more than a real tournament, since no trophy or championship was at stake. It was only in 1995 when IC was raised to the level of European competition, after UEFA created a "New Intertoto Cup" by assigning extra berths in UEFA Cup to the finalists. The participating teams in this summer tournament are those not qualified in their domestic competitions for any other continental Cup (Champions League, UEFA Cup, and the late Cup Winners' Cup), although some of them refuse this right for the sake of their summer rest.


• Official UEFA scores and statistics standardized, corrected, and extended using my own database and several sources. All the names of teams, players, referees, stadiums, and cities are written in their original spelling (or a standard transcription into Latin characters, in the case of other alphabets). This is the reason why some names may slightly difer in form with respect to other unstandardized information sources.

• In the case of seasons before 2001, the main information sources I've used are the following: Euro Cups Online (Miloš Radulović), newspaper "Marca" (1942-), newspaper "As" (1967-), newspaper "El Mundo Deportivo" (1941-), newspaper "ABC" (1902-), data collected by Romeo Ionescu. From 1985 on, when I started to collect my first statistics on paper, the information is also based on my own experiences and memories as a football fan.

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